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Reflexión de los tamales

To day nostros made tamales with ashly’s madre. I think it was very fun to make tamales. Nostros had to but in lots of different ingredientes.  They use them for lots of different  holidays. They put the tamales in hoja. Nostros made Guatemalan and spanish tamales. They put  chilè,pollo,queso,aceitina,pass de uvas,pass de cirvuela,salsa. So thinks I learned was that tamales were called tamalii and they were shaped in this that way to fit in soldiers pockets and they were invented 5000 B.C. 

Glass Castle

I think she ducked down in the taxi because she was embarrassed of here mom looking in the trash for food. I don’t know if i would do the same or if I would have the taxi stop for me, so I could talk to me mom about it and if she wanted me to help here get a new home. I also feel bad for the her because she was just wanted to help here mom. I also think she was embarrassed because she didn’t want an buddy to know that here mom and dad were homeless.

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